Hotel Blue Moon NYC

Hotel Blue Moon NYC

About Hotel Blue Moon NYC:

With 22 rooms to choose from, Hotel Blue Moon makes a New York City getaway a different experience for both travelers and residents. 100 Orchard Street, the location of Hotel Blue Moon, started its life as a five-story tenement building in 1879. During the Great Depression, when newly enacted laws forced its residents out, many abandoned their personal possessions when they left. The Hotel Blue Moon experiment commenced in 2000 when NYC painter Randy Settenbrino purchased the Lower East Side property.

Finding it dilapidated after decades of nonuse, Randy Settenbrino opted to turn the structure into a tribute to its remarkable history. Many personal items left by long-ago tenants found their way into the decorations of Hotel Blue Moon. A 1920s Coca-Cola machine, a cast iron stove, a soap stone sink, and greeting cards all adorn the lobby. As Hotel Blue Moon guests proceed to the newly added sixth, seventh, and eighth floors, they can see additional pieces of memorabilia such as green food stamps, children’s homework, cigarette cases, and contemporaneous newspapers. Hotel Blue Moon also reincorporated some of the facility’s original woodwork and ironwork, following a detailed hand restoration.

However, Hotel Blue Moon combines a décor style of the past with modern luxuries. Although the Hotel Blue Moon rooms aspire to mimic the architecture and furniture of the time, they also include such 2011 conveniences as WiFi, televisions, iPod speaker docks, and mini refrigerators. The rooms themselves, named after The Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker, and other stars of the era, also earn recognition for being significantly larger than typical New York City hotel rooms, with the smallest rooms at 320 square feet. Two-thirds of Hotel Blue Moon rooms also boast terraces, some overlooking the city.